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Red Wine

A selection of mouth watering as well as award winning quality red wines from famous wineries, tasteful and delicious, there is something that will certainly satisfy your taste buds.
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62 Anniversario, San Marzano, 2017/18

A vintage Italian wine, very popular with our customers, can be paired with steak and beef or any rich meat.

Beefsteak Club,  Reserva,  Malbec, 2016/17

Beeksteak Club, Malbec , is an award winning wine, having won numerous awards since 2016 to 2020, this wine is a must taste.

Bourgogne Pinot, 2017

A spectacular French Domaine Rene Monnier, a cherry raspberry taste that cannot be missed.

Brezza Dolcetto d'Alba, 2020

Notes of blackberry and wild red berries presented in the lively fruity wine.

Brezza Nebbiolo Langhe, 2020

Aromatic bouquet of red berried fruits with layers of rose, violet and citrus.

Ca Rugate, Amerone Della, 2016

An intense red wine from the Italian wineries, with sweet fruit aromas as well as a hint of spicy oak.

Campo Viejo Tempranillo, 2019

A delicious Spanish rioja wine.

Cantina Tramin, Pinot Nero

A perfect everyday wine with a long smooth velvety finish.

Carpineto,  Poggio Sant' Enrico, 2007

A special blend of black fruits and vanilla from the beautiful region of Tuscany Italy.

Carpineto, Farnito Cabrenet Sauvignon, 2015/16

A popular wine for its elegant blends of spice and fruits with lingering finish.

Casillero del Diablo, Merlot

An admired wine brand that has a perfect balance of plum and red.

Castello Nippozzano, Chianti Rufina,  Riserva 2018/19

A special Italian wine made using a over 4 different grape varieties, taste is a must.

Colomba Bianca, Vitese, Nero d'Avola, 2019/20

A deep fruit flavoured taste with ripe plum and black cherries and a hint of spicy aromas.

Dona Paula, Estate, Blue Edition, 2017

An intense aroma of liquorice and blackberry, delicious and lingering.

Fat Bastard,  Merlot

Deep and juicy red wine which pairs nicely with grilled meats dishes.

Fat Bastard, Malbec

Very well composed Malbec with flavours of black cherry, vanilla and hint of chocolate.

Fat Bastard, Pinot Noir

Red wine with fruit delights of strawberries and raspberries which is nicely paired with grilled meats and poultry.

Fat Bastard, Syrah

wine with hint of spice for spicy dishes and ribs.

Federico Paternina, Banda, Reserva

An elegant deep fruit Spanish Rioja

Federico Paternina, Monte Haro, 2018

A Spanish Rioja with hints of Vanilla, Musk and Cherry Aromas.

Feudi Di San Gregorio, Serpico, 2012

A well structured wine with unique flavours of coffee, cocoa and cherry jam. A must try!.

Feudi Di San Gregorio, Trigaio

A classic Feudi di San Gregorio with fruit blend aromas like cherries and raspberries.

IL Pumo, Negroamaro, San Marzano, 2019/20

A full bodied wine with aromas of blackcurrants and wild fruits.

IL Pumo, Primitivo,  San Marzano, 2020/21

Full of ripe fruit flavours with aromas plum and cherry.

McGuigan Black Label Red

Flavours of spicy plum, cherry and blackberry, a well balanced and versatile wine with a smooth finish.

Ocean Eight, Pinot Noir

A rich blend of dark cherries with aromas of vanilla and rhubarb.

Ondarre Reserva, Rioja, 2016

A traditional Rioja with flavours of vanilla, strawberry and hints of spice.

Paternina, Gran Reserva

A popular rioja from a well known region in spain.

Piatelli,  Grand Malbec, 2019

An intense Malbec with aromas of blueberry and spice.

Running  Duck. Shiraz

Organic Shiraz with concentrated berry flavours.

Running Duck, Merlot

An everyday vegan friendly and organic red wine for any rich vegetable dishes.

Stellar, Pinotage 2019/20

Vegan friendly and organic red wine with flavours of black fruits nicely paired with hearty dishes and pizza.

Terre du  Soleil, Pays D'oc Merlot

Aromas of chocolate and plumb in a smooth elegant finish.

Trivento, Reserve Malbec, 2020/21

A classic Mendoza Malbec, cherry and blackberry aromas with integrated oak.