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Port & Sherry

Port and Sherry are fortified wines that taste great just after dinner, like a dessert. Port is made from grapes grown in the northern region of Portugal while Sherry is renowned for its white grape variety crispy and subtle.
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A Winter's Tale, Williams & Humbert, Medium, Sweet Sherry

A delicious Winter's Tale with a slightly woody touch and notes of dried fruits.

Barros  10 Year Old Tawny Port

A famous Tawny Port made to satisfy our taste buds.

Barros Colheita 2005

A velvety sweet scented dried fruit and spiced porto.

Barros LBV Port 2015

Aromas of fresh fruit and red berries blended with mint and orange blossoms.

Barros Ruby Port

Fresh, fruit and sweet palate, with a long well balanced finish.

Barros White Port, Fortified Wine

Fresh and floral aromas with a delicate and engaging taste.

Canasta Cream, Williams & Humbert, Sherry

A smooth and soft sherry with hints of creamy caramel and a touch of dark cocoa.

Dry Sack, Medium, Williams & Humbert, Sherry

A perfect blend of palomino and pedro ximenez grapes, aged in oak casks a delicious delicate and deep sherry.

Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry

A full bodied well balanced cream sherry, rich fruity flavours.

N.V Sandeman,  20 Years Old Tawny Port

A unique aged tawny port that is an endlessly complex wine that unfolds smoothly and develops in the mouth.